When it comes to your home and garden, planning is key. There’s lots to consider when designing your garden decking: where you’re going to build it; how you plan to use the space; what size and shape deck you want… We are all familiar with the simple squared-off decking designs which are easy to build due to the linear shape of the decking boards. But if your garden is slightly unconventional, or you just want something a bit different, here are some design ideas for taking your timber decking to the next level (pardon the pun!):

Different levels

A raised or split-level decking area is a good way of creating a flat area within a sloped or uneven garden – or simply to add interest and create different zones. Make sure you add railings or decorative fence panels to a raised decking area to offer safety.

Curved edges

Square or rectangular decked areas are the most common and easiest shapes to create with standard wooden decking planks. However, if you prefer a softer finish, or just want something a little bit different, a curved edge deck could be the answer. This is also a great way of working the deck around existing areas of your garden, such as established planting beds and water features.

Decking patterns

Instead of laying the decking boards lengthways, you can lay them in different configurations for an interesting visual effect - for example, diagonally or in a chevron pattern – or use decking board tiles in a chequered formation.

Add other elements

Make even more of a feature of your decking area by zoning it off using decorative timber fence panels, wooden handrails or balustrades. Provide cover and shade with a timber pergola or wooden trellis; maybe even grow some climbers up it. Build integrated seating also out of timber decking boards, or add a free-standing wooden picnic table that can be moved around the deck. Build wooden planters or raised beds (and paint them in a contrasting colour, such as white, for a striking finish)

Add colour

Stain or paint your wooden decking in one of the many warm or dark shades available on the market, and plant vibrant flowers in pots or wooden planters arranged on the decking area. Add even more zing to the area when in use with colourful outdoor furniture, bright cushions and throws, and coloured glass candles.

Other uses for your decking boards

Get creative with your decking boards by using them in other ways, too. Use them to build garden pathways and steps, wooden planters or raised beds, or continue the decking boards onto the walls to create a striking and attractive feature.

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