We think it’s fair to say that we are all looking forward to the longer daylight hours as Spring and Summer edge closer by the day. Remember all those barbecues, breakfasts out on the decking, running about with the kids, burying your head in a good book, or getting down to some gardening?… 

However we use our garden, it is essentially our own little piece of the outdoors, an extension to our living space, and a sanctuary from daily life.

Or, at least, it should be.

With the population rapidly growing – and more and more houses being crammed in on top of one another to accommodate – we are increasingly longing for privacy and having to find cleverer ways of creating it.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create privacy from your neighbours, we have just the thing; Timber screening panels.

They are ready-made, straightforward to install and look great in any garden. Plus, they are not only great for providing privacy, timber fencing or screening panels can also be used to create a secluded area within the garden, zone off your decking area, or section off part of your outdoor space for reading, entertaining, or relaxing away from it all. 

Ready-made choice

There are so many styles of ready-made timber screening panels available on the market that you are bound to find one to suit you perfectly. From eco-friendly willow hurdles to decorative decking panels to timber fencing panels with or without decorative lattice trellis tops, and in a choice of heights and widths, there’s a whole range of different designs to choose from. (Or you can always build your own.) It’s simply a case of deciding what you think will look great in your garden and best suit your needs. 

Here are some of the most popular timber fencing and screening panel options (but have a chat with your supplier if you’re unsure about anything or need some help choosing):

Featheredge Fence Panel

A best-seller for perimeter privacy fencing. Comes in a choice of widths and heights, made from green pressure treated sawn timber, and creates a fuss-free, reliable and strong fence.

Hazel Hurdles Garden Screening

A beautiful, robust and eco-friendly 6ft woven hazel fence panel, available in a choice of widths. Great for screening off areas of your garden in an attractive, traditional way.

Elite Cross Top Fence Panel

A lower-height, strong quality fence panel made from pressure-treated timber, perfect for zoning your garden or using as a decking panel to enclose your decked area.

Wooden Closeboard Garden Fence Panels

A versatile, solid and lightweight close board fencing panel made from pressure treated timber and available in a choice of heights – perfect for privacy and sound-barrier screening.

Omega Lattice Top Wooden Panel

A decorative panel with horizontal boarding and shaped diamond trellis, available in a choice of heights, providing varying amounts of privacy. An attractive ‘in-between’ option for screening or zoning off your garden.

Looks great

Whether you are looking to screen off one area of an extensive garden to create a cosy space, or you want to fence around the full perimeter of a small backyard to provide more privacy from your neighbours, timber always looks great and is one of the most natural and popular choices for all kinds of garden design. 

Simple to install

Check out our advice pages for our guides on how to install your timber fencing or screening panels, along with information about looking after it. Alternatively, a quick search on YouTube will provide with a wealth of videos to help guide you through installation step-by-step. And once it’s all installed, just think of all those sunny Summers you can spend outside enjoying your new, secluded garden space. Bliss.

If you would like further advice or have any questions at all, please give our friendly team a call on: 01409 231763

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