Timber cladding provides a really attractive look and is becoming an increasingly popular option for providing the the finishing touch to the exterior of a building. It doesn’t only look great, its practical, durable and renewable – so just a few benefits!

If you’re currently considering going for a timber cladding finish, there is a fair amount to consider and a few mistakes you could make along the way. Feeling a little overwhelmed? To ensure you head down the right track, take note of these common timber cladding mistakes…

Trying to install yourself

Installing timber cladding can be a tricky business if you haven’t ever done anything quite like it before. Some of us are handier than others, but just because you’ve successfully completely a few timber DIY projects doesn’t mean you’ll be able to tackle this task! The timber cladding must be installed correctly to ensure its longevity. We recommend you chat to your supplier in order to get a good understanding of what it with involve for your building. If you feel a little out of your depth, its best to call in the experts!

Buying timber which isn’t pressure treated

Living in the UK means we come into contact with a damp climate, quite often. You need to protect your timber cladding in order to avoid an excessive build-up of moisture on or inside the wood. All of our timber cladding boards are pressure treated which means they have chemicals forced into the wood, to preserve it. They’re also FSC standard, ensuring long life and great durability. Sourcing cheap and cheerful boards which haven’t been treated properly will be kind to your budget in the short term, but in the long term, you’ll be replacing them far sooner and are much more likely to run into issues, such as rotting.

Forgetting to keep up with maintenance

We all lead busy lives and it is quite possible that once your timber cladding is complete, you will completely forget about it! If you do go for the pressure treated boards, the great thing is that as they are already protected, you won’t have to start your yearly maintenance quite so soon. However, when they have weathered, you will need to ensure that at least once a year, you add a protective coating that’s both water and UV resistant. Before completing this make sure you remove all excess mould, mildew or dirt, and the quickest way to do it is with a pressure washer. 

Go way over budget 

Oak is a beautiful type of hardwood – but it comes at a cost. Make sure you shop around and look at the different options open to you with regards to timber cladding. You will need to make the right calculations in order to get a close estimate to the amount of timber cladding you will require, which may shock you when added up! There are many softwood options which are high quality and more cost effective. We sell three different types of softwood, which are shiplap, tongue and groove and loglap. With 1000's of boards sold each year and each board hand-picked, we only send out our best to each of our customers. 

We hope these tips have helped! If you would like any more information on our range of timber cladding boards, feel free to give us a call on 01409 231763