There is no denying that chainsaws are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment which can cause serious and even fatal injury. In recent years there have been five deaths directly attributed to the use of chainsaws, and many serious injuries. Although you do not need a license, if you are using a chainsaw in a professional environment you are required by law to undergo the required training, and it is highly advised you do this when using one in your own back garden too.

It is also vital that you use the correct Personal Protective Equipment, as if you were to get a kick back or something went wrong, this will be the last line of defence. The official guidelines set out by the Health and Safety executive will show you the exact type of PPE you should be wearing when using a chainsaw, to a professional working environment standard.

Here at Ruby we offer a great selection of Husqvarna PPE Clothing and equipment such as chainsaw trousers, protective boots and protective gloves, great for doing basic gardening and sawing logs. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be wearing when using this machinery at your home…

Chainsaw trousers

If you are just an occasional user rather than a forestry worker who will be using the trousers day in day out, you can purchase trousers which are a slightly lower specification and are more affordable. If you head to our website you will see the Husqvarna classic waist trousers, which feature a clean, modern design with reflective logos and high visibility panels. Although using a chainsaw can be physically demanding, efficient ventilation and generous fit tailoring will keep your comfortable.  

Protective boots

Even those just carrying out general DIY using a chainsaw must wear the correct boots. If you were to have an accident and you were not wearing boots which had a protective cap, you could very easily loose a few toes! Our Husqvarna Functional 24 Protective Class 2 Boots are handmade with approved saw protection. They also feature an extra reinforced upper part with toe-cap and reinforcement around the sole.

Helmet with mesh visor

There are many different grades of helmet, depending on the level of protection you will require. We stock 6 different types, all varying in price and specification. Some come with built in ear defenders, which is another item we always recommend our customers invest in, and some can be adjusted in several different ways to suit your needs. The one thing you will need to make sure of is that your helmet comes with a protective mesh visor, to really protect your face whilst enabling good visibility.


Although the mesh visor will provide you with some protection to your face and eyes, there is always the possibility a stray piece of wood flicking underneath and really causing you some damage. Also, if you wear glasses and think this will be an effective barrier, think again! Luckily there are different types of goggles which have been developed for those already wearing glasses, with anti-fog coated lenses and a soft inside for comfort.

Protective gloves

Although you may think your regular garden gloves will suffice, these do not come with chainsaw protection. Our Functional Husqvarna Chainsaw Gloves come with 16m/s of saw protection and are really comfortable and made with a goat leather double palm. Goat leather has a good protection against moisture since it contains natural fat and is therefore is suitable for moderate to demanding jobs.

We hope this has helped you to understand the correct PPE clothing you require for using a chainsaw at home. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team on 01409 231763.