Spring is the time of year when we start looking forward to those longer hours of daylight, getting outside a little more, and perhaps turning our attentions to our gardens. As well as planting up, it’s the perfect season to start those outdoor DIY projects: building your wooden planting beds, installing a decorative timber screen fence, or laying a wooden decking area for all those summer barbecues with friends and family.

When it comes to landscaping materials, we think timber tops them all – it’s natural, eco-friendly, lightweight, versatile and looks great in any garden setting. It’s also simple to work with – all you need is a saw, a hammer and some nails.

Whether you are looking to revamp your entire garden or just want a small DIY project to perk up one area, we have plenty of inspiration to get you started. Here are our Top 7 Simple Timber Landscaping Ideas:


  • Timber decking area

Bring the indoors out and extend your living space with a simple (or elaborate) timber decked area for eating, entertaining and lounging in style.


  • Timber decked paths and steps 

Either as an addition to your timber decked area, or a practical access solution in its own right, timber decked paths are a stylish addition to any garden. And if you’re building timber deck steps, don’t forget to add some anti-slip plates.

  • Pergolas

A great feature over a walkway, decking or patio area, erecting a timber pergola is an attractive way to help shade the space without enclosing it too much. In true Mediterranean style, you could even use the cross beams to grow vines over.

  • Panels, fencing or screens 

Not just for safety or creating privacy from the neighbours, decorative panels are great for screening off a cosy space within your garden. You can really have some fun designing with panels, especially decorative timber railing or trellis panels. For example, use them to add interest around the edge of a decking area - you could even hang lights or bird feeders from them.

  • Wooden Planters

Add an injection of colour to just about any part of your garden quickly and easily with a wooden planter box (just add flowers!) Ready-made wooden garden planters come in a range of styles and sizes, or you can buy some timber decking boards and build your own.

  • Landscape timber edging

Similarly, you can easily create neat-looking planting beds for vegetables and flowers by digging down a little around the edge of the bedding area, and laying sawn timber planks to help contain the soil.

  • Wooden benches and other timber garden furniture

From timber board benches built seamlessly into your decking area, to freestanding wooden picnic benches, there is so much choice out there when it comes to timber garden furniture. Think carefully about what will fit with your space as well as the number of people you are comfortably looking to seat. 


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