Timber decks are exposed to the elements year round, so they require a certain amount of routine maintenance to keep them looking their best.


During the long, wet and cold winter, grime and mildew can build up in your timber decking. Spring is the perfect time to clean, maintain and reseal your timber decking following the damp weather, ready for full durability throughout the Summer. Aim to do it over a couple of days when the forecast looks dry and temperatures will stay above 10 overnight.


Here are 6 simple steps to get your timber decking clean, safe and ready for Summer: 

  1. Clear your decking area of potted plants, outdoor furniture and ornaments, rotting leaves, and other debris.
  2. Clean the decking thoroughly using a timber deck cleaning product, and use a stiff brush to clean the timber of mildew that has accumulated over the winter. Then dig out any compacted dirt that might have built up between the planks and grooves using a steel putty knife or scraper.
  3. Power wash the decking boards with a pressure washer, taking care not to hold the jet head too close to the timber, and then leave your decking to dry before moving on to the next stage.
  4. Any remaining old paint or peeling varnish needs to be lightly sanded back using a floor sander (be sure to sweep away any debris before moving on to the next stage).
  5. Boost your decking boards with a sealant, oil, stain or paint to help protect the timber from water, algae, and UV rays that can bleach and damage the wood. This will also give your timber decking fresh lease of life (and the colour you choose can help make a real feature of the area).
  6. Add your finishing touches (it is Spring, after all!) Now is the perfect time to start planting, so that they are in full bloom by the time summer comes. Just make sure your planters are sat on something rather than directly on the surface of the decking, to avoid the timber rotting from the moisture.

And that’s it! 6 Steps to Caring for your Timber Decking this Spring.


Going forward

This process should be carried out at least every couple of years, but preferably annually, and avoid either wet or extremely hot weather (that’s why Spring is perfect).

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