When buying something new or different for your garden you always have some doubts. So we have decided to put a short blog together to convince you that by adding timber decking to your garden, it will be worth every penny. 

1. Adds Value To The Property. 

Arguably, one of the top benefits of adding timber decking to your garden is how it will naturally increase the value of your home. By adding great value timber decking to your home, it allows you not to worry so much about the initial cost as decking is known to have a very high return on the initial investment. 

A decking area is now also very high on many buyers checklists, by adding timber decking to your home it can give your house the competitive edge over another seller.

2. A Great Place To Entertain And Relax.

A wooden decking area is a great place to entertain any type of guests; perfect to host a barbeque, family meal or a small gathering. When the sun is shining it can be the perfect place to sit down, chill out and enjoy the sun. Giving your garden a perfect relaxing retreat and creating a great family orientated area. 

3. Adding Square Footage.

A deck area can be an excellent cost-effective way to increase your living area. Any decking area can bring a garden to life, turning unused, bland space into a brand new area that will thrive with activity for years to come. It can add a space to use and socialise in that otherwise may not be touched. 

4. Adding Privacy To Your Garden.

Timber decking areas can also add great privacy to your garden with the correct boarding. You can have timber decking panels and wooden fencing put around the area to border it off. Giving your garden a great area to relax in private. The perfect place to have a private hot tub or even a private sunbathing area. 

5. Extremely Quick And Cheap To Build. 

Decking areas can be quick to build at a very reasonable price, being a very low-cost home addition. There are loads of guides online on how to build your own timber decking which are easy to follow. Made even easier with decking kits available to buy from Ruby UK. Creating a wonderful outdoor space in a short time period at a great price. Decking can come in all different types of material, be sure to research what material to use before going ahead. 

At Ruby UK we offer various timber decking boards, easy build decking kits and decking accessories perfect for creating a great outdoor space in your garden. For more information on our timber decking range, feel free to give us a call on 01409231763 or send us a message on our live chat.