Hardwood Iroko Exbourne Curved Heel Gate

  • £650.00

Iroko Curved Heel Exbourne 5 bar Gate

This is the ultimate luxury entrance or driveway gate. An entrance gate is a huge feature to a house and is very important to pick the right timber and style for yours. This gate is made from the premium hardwood, Iroko, otherwise known as "African Oak". These gates are built to last. Not only is this one of the most durable woods out there but also looks the part as well. Naturally yellow or golden colour with an interlocked grain. Both stylish and modern, making it a very popular gate.

It has been expertly crafted by our timber joinery specialist. This gate have been perfectly constructed to make them sturdy, strong and finished the highest quality. Huge amounts of details have gone into making the gates, from the stainless steel bolts and caps to the iroko dowels.

Ironwork for Gates

 24" Adjustable Hinge Set - Epoxy Black. Used to fit the gate onto the post, allow a 4" gap between post and gate using this hinge set. This is premium version and is also available in standard galvanised.

Double Gate Latch Set - Epoxy Black. This set comes with a throwover loop and drop bolt. This set is need if two gates are hung together. This is the premium version and is also available in standard galvanised. 

Self Locking Latch - Used if just one gate is hung by itself, catches the gate when shut and stops it from moving or opening.

Posts for Gates

Sawn timber Post - 8ft 6x6, 8ft 7x7 and 8ft 8x8. Bespoke sizes available.

Iroko Post - This post is made from the same timber as the gate. Will match perfectly alongside the gate and last a lot longer than sawn timber post. We don't currently have this listed, please give us a call for quote for these on 01409 231763. We are more than happy to help!

Oak Post - Long lasting gate post and looks great! Available in various sizes


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