Multi-Purpose Compost 50L - Ruby UK

Multi-Purpose Compost 50L

Multi-Purpose Compost 50L

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Wood Chip / Bark Chippings 30L Bag - Ruby UK

Wood Chip / Bark Chippings 30L Bag

Wood Chip / Bark Chippings 30L BagOne 30L bag of woodchip. Ideal for:Garden LandscapesWeed ControlChild's Play AreasSoil ImprovementWe have plenty of woodchip available so please get in touch for a...

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Site Pegs 2" x 2ft Long Square Pointed Stakes - Various Pack Sizes - Ruby UK

Site Pegs 2" x 2ft Long Square Pointed Stakes - Various Pack Sizes

SITE PEGS 2" X 2FT LONG SQUARE POINTED STAKES Dimensions: Sizes: Length- 2ft (0.6m) Width- 2" (50mm) Depth- 2" (50mm). - Spiked / 4 Way Pointed end for easy ground...

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Blumen Chilli & Pepper Seeds - Ruby UK

Blumen Chilli & Pepper Seeds

Chilli & Pepper Seeds Orange Habanero pepper It is advisable to harvest the fruits when fully ripe, then when they become orange. Suitable for growing in pots, but also to form...

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Blumen Sapore Italiano Seeds - Ruby UK

Blumen Sapore Italiano Seeds

Sapore Italiano Seeds  Try our range of Italiano Seeds. Once grown these are excellent for using in cooking and can make great recipe's. Coming from all over Italy, these are some of...

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Blumen Tomato Passion Seeds - Ruby UK

Blumen Tomato Passion Seeds

Sapore Italiano Tomato Seeds  Try our range of tomato passion seeds. Italian tomatoes from every region, each with its own speciality. A symbol of the Mediterranean diet, the versatility and...

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Blumen Traditional Flavoured Seeds - Ruby UK

Blumen Traditional Flavoured Seeds

Star Pumpkin Annual variety with a very original shape. Its fruits, once dried, are indicated for the realisation of decorations.Transplantation: it is advisable to transplant the seedlings when they reach...

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Fito Automatic Drip Feeders - Ruby UK

Fito Automatic Drip Feeders

Automatic Feed for Cactus Plants A new way of feeding all types of cactus plants. It is ready and ideally balanced to supply the right amount of feed daily. Each...

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Lawn Rescue Spray - Ruby UK

Lawn Rescue Spray

Get Off Lawn Rescue Spray Lawn Rescue has been specially formulated to neutralise the staining agents and acid in pet urine by converting them into natural salts. The salts pass...

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Get Off Cleaner Neutraliser Spray - Ruby UK

Get Off Cleaner Neutraliser Spray

A unique formula for indoor or outdoor use, Wash & Get Off Spray Cleaner Neutraliser first cleans the area fouled by your pet, then neutralises the odour of urine in...

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Get Off Cat & Dog Repellent Spray - Ruby UK

Get Off Cat & Dog Repellent Spray

Get Off Spray Cat & Dog Repellent is an effective treatment, for indoor and outdoor use, that discourages cats and dogs from fouling or from using faeces and urine to...

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Get Off Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals - Ruby UK

Get Off Cat and Dog Repellent Crystals

Get Off My Garden Crystals are a safe and humane way to prevent cats, dogs, and other furry fiends from fouling on your lawn and flowerbeds. An equally capable cat...

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Easy Set Mouse Trap 4 Pack - Ruby UK

Easy Set Mouse Trap 4 Pack

Easy Set Mouse Trap 4 Pack The original wood-based wire snap trap, the Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. For effective mouse control,...

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Rat Trap - Ruby UK

Powerkill Rat Trap

Victor Powerkill Rat Trap Excellent for controlling rats in residential buildings, restaurants, offices and other small business establishments.The latest innovation in rat traps, the Victor® Power-Kill Rat Trap is set and released...

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Tri Kill Mouse Trap - Ruby UK

Tri Kill Mouse Trap

Tri Kill Mouse Trap Nibble holes in your cereal box? Grease marks on your skirting boards? Tiny droppings scattered throughout your property? If you've noticed the signs of mouse activity...

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Electronic Mouse Trap - Ruby UK

Electronic Mouse Trap

Electronic Mouse Trap Includes 1 Victor Electronic Mouse Traps The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap uses electricity to humanely kill mice. Advanced smart circuit technology senses when a mouse enters the trap. Once...

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Multi Catch Mouse Trap - Ruby UK

Small Multi Catch Mouse Trap

Multi Catch Mouse Trap Catches up to 4 mice at a time For catching and releasing mice if you do not want to see or touch them Easy to use...

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Victor Mouse Bait Station - Ruby UK

Victor Mouse Bait Station

Victor Mouse Bait Station - Rodent Pest Control M917U VICTOR MOUSE BAIT STATION Robust, lockable construction, key included.  Low profile design for discreet use inside or out Suitable for use...

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Wasp & Fly Bottle Trap - Ruby UK

Wasp & Fly Bottle Trap

Wasp & Fly Bottle Trap  Controlling wasps, flies and fruit flies. Don't let your summer picnics become ruined by annoying wasps & flying insects. Control yellow jackets, flies, and fruit...

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Rat Bait Station - Ruby UK

Rat Bait Station

Rat Bait Station The Rat Bait Station is a safe and reliable solution for rodent control. The robust, lockable construction means the station cannot be tampered with making it safe...

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