Uses for garden sleepers – what can you use timber garden sleepers for?

The many uses for garden sleepers

If you’re a keen gardener who loves nothing more than spending a warm afternoon outdoors, tending to your plants and mowing the lawn, you’ll always be on the lookout for new, interesting ways to give your garden some character. There’s always loads of choice, with [garden furniture] planters and new fencing or gates to choose from.

But have you considered about putting some [sleepersin your garden? In the hands of a creative gardener, adding a few to your garden can lead to some truly inspiring ideas that could transform your garden.

A plus of using sleepers for projects in your garden is that they’re durable, so if you’re using them in any landscaping project, you can be confident that they’ll last for a long time. In the right hands and cut to the right shapes or size, you can find a huge number of uses for them in the garden. Here are some of our suggestions…

• Build some raised plant beds

Got some flowers that you’re particularly keen to show off? Raised beds can do wonders for a garden, allowing you to grow vegetables easily while creating a bit of variety.

• Make an attractive set of steps

Does your garden have different levels to it? If it does, but you don’t fancy installing concrete steps, sleepers are an attractive alternative and if they’re fitted properly, just as sturdy and safe.

 Protect your precious flower beds

Lots of us want to make sure our flower beds are kept separate from our lawn, especially if you’ve got pets or young children. Using sleepers as edging to divide up your lawn from plant beds will help keep those beds safe, and can give your lawn a unique touch.

• Make a sturdy pathway

Thin strips of garden railway sleepers set into the ground will provide a charming walkway, while also requiring little maintenance once place in the ground.

• Build a retaining wall or fence

Whether you fancy a small retaining wall on a garden path, or a long-standing fence that will stand the test of time, sleepers can be cut into various sizes, meaning they can be used for almost any gardening project you can conjure up.

Ruby UK has a wide range of sleepers — and other timber products ideal for things like gate posts and fences — that could add a real dose of character to your garden. To find out more, click here.

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