How To Sell Your Home Fast

Spring is often considered the best time of year to sell a house due to the notions of a fresh start and brighter weather to show off the property in its best light. It’s also the ideal time to spruce up the exterior or start those renovations you’ve been putting on hold. Even if you are planning on staying put, it’s always worth investing some time into home improvements that will not only add to your enjoyment of the property, but also to its resale value if and when the time does come to sell up and move on. 

This is where timber really comes into its own; its versatility knows no bounds and lends itself to a whole host of home improvements and DIY projects. Here’s our round up of some simple and effective ways you can use timber to add value and appeal to your home:

Structural timber

Above all else, you should look at solving any structural problems, such as rotting joists or roof timbers and wooden floorboards. Make sure you work on these before starting on anything more cosmetic, as they are fundamental for both saleability and safety.

Increase your home’s kerb appeal

First impressions count, especially if you are trying to sell your house, so make sure your exterior is looking tip-top to avoid putting buyers off before they’ve even entered the property. Paint exterior walls, replace or repaint wooden doors and windows, repaint brickwork, replace any rotting timber cladding, and make sure timber fencing and gates are looking smart. Adding a porch, new timber wall cladding, or wooden trellis can also add to your home’s kerb appeal – just make sure whatever you do is in keeping with your property and Building Regulations. 

Spruce up the kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often the ‘showpiece’ of a property. Freshen up this area by painting cupboard doors and replacing hardwear. Adding a wooden floor to your kitchen can also increase the value and saleability of your home.

Consider a loft conversion

Many homeowners choose to increase floor space and therefore add value by converting the loft into a usable space. This is not a small job and requires a larger outlay but can add between 10% - 15% to the market value of your home.

Make over your garden

Add or update your decking area, effectively extending the amount of usable living space (or make sure your existing decking looks as good as new by cleaning it up). Use fences to add to the highly-desirable feeling of seclusion and privacy. De-clutter and keep things simple to help the garden appear larger and more appealing to buyers. The odd window box or wooden planter can help make a home look well cared for and add colour to your garden as well as the all-important view from inside your home.

Add a conservatory or garden room

Constructing a conservatory or garden room is a less expensive way of increasing your living space than building an extension, and can add up to 5% to your home’s value. It also generally requires no planning permission so long as it’s in line with Building Regulations, making it a relatively quick and straightforward project. 

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