Great Christmas presents for a gardener — Timber wooden garden planters

We don’t often think of winter as the prime time for gardening, but it’s a good time to get things ready ahead of spring and plan out what you intend to do with that wonderful outdoor space. It’s a great time for rethinking planters and what flowers and plants to put in place for next summer; that’s why wooden planters are such a fantastic Christmas gift.

We’re proud of our range of planters, which are built to last and look fantastic in any garden. Here are our suggestions on planters that would put a smile on the face of anyone with green fingers this Christmas:

Large Square Decking Wooden Planters and Bench Combination £144.95

Placed in the corner of a garden, this bench and planter can provide a great place to sit and entertain guests, while plants in the planter sections will bring the garden to life! The planter box sections of the bench can also be used for storage and further seating instead, as they come with lids, so it’s an adaptable piece of garden furniture perfect for any garden.

Four Tier Planter £52.95

The four different tiers of this planter make it stylish and ensure it’ll stand out among flat beds and boxes. Its square shape makes it ideal to fill an empty corner, fit alongside planter boxes you may have or as a standalone piece on decking, a patio or outside the home. We also have three and two tier planters too.

Handmade Rustic Wooden Planter £17.45

Trying to maintain a traditional, homespun feel to your outdoor spaces? This trough is perfect for that, and is great for planting flowers, herbs and even vegetables. It’ll look perfect outside, though it would also look great in a conservatory, especially if you have two planters side by side.

Metal Cattle Water Trough / Metal Garden Planter £144.95

Trying something different in your garden? If you’re after a more unusual, industrial look for your garden, this water trough doubles up perfectly as a planter in the garden. It can sit right at home with the brickwork of a patio, plus the galvanised steel means it’ll last for years to come.

Long Decking Planter Window Box - Garden Herbs Plants Wooden Box - Various Sizes £18.95

If you fancy making a window look prettier, this planter is excellent value for money, but it can also be used for driveways, balconies and anywhere in the garden. They’re great for smaller flowers and herbs too, so they’re great if you fancy trying your hand at a kitchen garden.

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