Get your fence ready for winter

Here at Ruby we have been working with fencing contractors for over 20 years and have come across most problems faced when dealing with fencing. One of the biggest times of year for problems is when it comes to the winter months. The windy weather can blow down fencing if not supported right and the wet seasons can contribute to rot and decay in the timber boards.

The last thing you want to be doing is fixing a fence in the cold, wet months. So, it's always best to cast your eye over your fencing and with the few tips below should keep your fence sturdy and strong for those winter months! 

  1. Clear Debris

 By clearing all the debris from around the bottom of your fencing it ensures the longevity of your fence. Ensuring that you're checking your fence regularly and clearing any leaves, overhanging branches and rubbish etc will prevent your fence from rotting.

The debris left around your fencing will bind moisture to your fence and that's when your fence will start to rot!

We recommend installing your fencing on gravel boards as this prevents too much moisture getting into the fence.  


  1. Stains or Applicants

All of our fencing is green pressure treated and this ensures the longevity of your fence and prevents your fence from rot / decaying. We recommend that you use our UV - Protection Oil or Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax, both of these products are clear and are therefore universally applicable.

These products are water and dirt resistant so it will also protect your fence from all the debris lying around! They prevent the growth of algae, mildew and fungal, help keep the colour of the wood and are also a cost effective way of keeping your fence intact.



  1. Fence Panels and post are secured. 

Now that it is almost Winter it is the best time to check that your fence is secure, failing to do so will only cause you more trouble in the long run and cost more!

If there is any slight damage to your fence you should get it fixed quickly as this will ensure that your fence is sturdy and keep you through these winter months, if this is not done then the rot can spread further along your fence and as a result of this you would need to replace more boards.

Once a part of your fence is replaced you should always clean your whole fence and maybe go over it again with another coat of wood stain or preservative (this should be done annually).


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