Equestrian Gifts for Christmas

It's that time of year again, whether you're a fan of Christmas or not buying gifts for people is something that can be quite a challenge. I love Christmas myself and although challenging I do really enjoy buying everyone gifts. My family being so orientated around horses and equestrian I have put together a few gift ideas for horse lovers of all ages (even gifts for the horses themselves).

1. Horse Print Pyjama's (PJ's)

A fantastic gift for Christmas, there's nothing like going to bed on Christmas Day/Eve with a brand new pair of Pyjama's. Here at Ruby we have a huge range of equestrian based Pyjama's for all ages and genders. All with fun quotes and jokes to make the family laugh on Christmas Day. Click here to see our full range of PJ's at great prices and Free Delivery!


2. Horse Treat Stocking

Why not treat your horse for Christmas? Horses can be big parts of your life and very special to us. Horses love their treats so why not let them have some over Christmas. Here at Ruby we offer a horse stocking! Full of treats for your horses, let them know they're special on Christmas day and don't leave them out. Click here to buy this for your horse at £5.85 with free delivery!

3. Mark Todd Thinsulate Gloves

One of our most popular gifts for this time of year within equestrian. Great value for money and such a high brand in the equestrian community. Made from pigskin leather, made to last and feel comfortable and warm. At a great price these are great value for money! Click here to buy these for £17.95 with free delivery.

4. Mark Todd Ear Wamer / Headband 

Another Mark Todd gift, hugely popular especially this time of year in colder months. Not only practical but also a fashion statement. Various colours to chose from to suit any style. Such a great price as well at £4.15 with free delivery, you can't go wrong! Click here to check it out.

5. Hy5 Childrens Winter Two Tone Gloves - Various Colours

A fantastic gift for children at Christmas. Something that my parents love to give my little sister for Christmas. A great little gift for an enthusiastic young horse riding fan. Also a great little stocking filler and perfect size to fit in. Available for £7.95 with free delivery! Click here to check it out. 

 There we have it, just some ideas for a Christmas gifts for the equestrian enthusiasts out there. For loads more products and gifts click here for our full range of equestrian products! Let us know what equestrian gift ideas you have. From everyone here at Ruby, we hope you have a great Christmas!

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