Add kerb appeal — handmade timber gates for your driveway or entrance


An attractive set of gates adds real ‘kerb appeal’ to your driveway, give you some much-wanted privacy and improve security for your home. Here at Ruby, we’re incredibly proud of our new range of driveway gates; the craftsmanship of these gates is hard to ignore.

They’re handmade by our team of expertly skilled and experienced carpenters on our site in the heart of Devon — their years of experience ensures strict quality control, cuts out machinery flaws and means we dispatch only the highest quality products.

With the state of our environment at the forefront of everyone’s minds, these gates are also made from environmentally friendly timber, with all our timber sourced within FSC and PEFC regulations; this makes sure the chain of certification traces the wood from forest to distribution, assuring that the timber has been sustainably sourced.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest in our driveway gate range:

Tongue & Groove Entrance Gate

These fully framed gates are superbly strong thanks to their build quality; we can make them to a variety of widths and either 4ft or 6ft tall, so if you’re looking to add a bit of privacy to your driveway, this gate is a sturdy and attractive option.

Premium Framed Tongue & Groove Driveway Gate

These gates share the great qualities of the first entry on this list, but with 38mm by 88mm bracing to help create an extremely solid, long-lasting gate. It can also be make to bespioke sizes, should you require a slightly different size.

Cottage Driveway Gates

As their name suggests, these gates would look perfect at the end of a driveway to a quaint English cottage, but while they might look traditional, they sacrifice nothing in the way of modern quality or looks; they’re a great addition for any driveway.

Featheredge Driveway Gate

Featheredge panels are what spring to mind when you think of a ‘solid’ garden fence, so we’ve used that style of panels to create this gate, which is definitely solid in both appearance and structure, thanks to being fully framed and braced. As well as looking great on a driveway, these gates would also look fantastic as a side gate to a property.


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